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The Best of Show 5-Step Kit is used to produce champions.Step 1: Poultry Protector, 4 ozNaturally removes parasites and insects.Step 2: Shampoo, 4 ozT Read More

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The Best of Show 5-Step Kit is used to produce champions.

Step 1: Poultry Protector, 4 oz
Naturally removes parasites and insects.

Step 2: Shampoo, 4 oz
The all-natural, fragrance-free shampoo is perfectly balanced to clean your bird without drying out its skin.

Step 3: Vinegar, 8 oz
Cuts through the soap, leaves plumage lustrous and healthy feathers that will not stick or streak.

Step 4: Glycerin, 4 oz
Brings the luster out in the feathers and produces a shining glow.

Step 5: Comb Reddening, 1.5 oz
Enhances the color of the comb while diminishing blemishes.


  • Type: Show Supplies
  • Includes: Poultry Protector,Shampoo,Vinegar,Glycerin,Comb Redding

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