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Kentucky Performance Products

For All Classes of Goats
Developed specifically for goats by Dr. Greg Pollard, a leading goat nutritionist. Goatzilla is a high protein and fat supplement combined with a unique blend of yeast sources which is research proven to increase average daily gain and muscular development. It provides the added benefit of warding off urinary calculi by the addition of a unique acidifier. Ideal for show and breeding goats.
  • Provides dietary energy and protein to breeding and show goats.
  • Contains a safe urinary acidifier that sharply reduces the risk of urinary calculi formation.
  • Free of ammonium chloride, eliminating the risk of ammonium toxicity. Feed 4 oz. daily per goat.
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    KPP-G1 Goatzilla, 25 lb bag (100 day supply)
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     - Thursday, January 02, 2014
    Excellent product!!
    Reviewed By:  Jennifer (McClellandtown, Pa) 
    I recently purchased this product for my two boer goats in which one over the summer got very sick. After I was able to get him recovered, I noticed that he seemed to have lost some of his muscle mass and seemed to not have his "spunk". I didn't like him looking so thin with winter coming so I started both of them on this I am happy to report that they both look very healthy now, shiny coats, full of energy, and no more concerns with loss of muscle mass, excellent product!!

     - Wednesday, October 05, 2011
    No More Urinary Tract Pluggage!
    Reviewed By:  DW (Sedley, Virginia) 
    I have pet pygmy goats, and one of my little wethers had urinary calculi formation to the point where teh vet had to cut the end of his penis and them make an incision in his urethra so he could urinate. The vet said I needed to give him ammonium chloride for pH control of his urine every day for the rest of his life. Really? Looking for alternatives, I saw this product and decided to try it. I mix it with a littel bit of grain and feed every day, and I haven't had a problem since. The only negative is that it is a powder or granular substance rather than a pellet, so the goats have to work to lick and nibble it out of their feed bowls, but they will eat it all up. I've been using this for at least 2 years, and will continue!
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