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Epona Ulta-Mitt

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Epona Ulta-Mitt

Epona, LTD

Use this mitt wet to bathe or dry to curry and remove dried sweat marks. Promotes circulation, stimulating massage and natural shine.

Colors May Vary.

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YX-T2 The Ulta-Mitt Each $9.95
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 - Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Could use some improvements
Reviewed By:  Lindsey (Willow Spring, NC) 
I like the mitt as far as scrubbing is concerned. It does a great job getting underneath Joe's coat and really lifting the dirt out, plus he loves the way it scratches all of his itchy spots. The only problem I've run into is that tons of hair work their way into the material and are just about impossible to clean out. I just had to throw mine out because it had so much hair in it. For the price, I would have hoped it would be easier to clean. I'm really disappointed, otherwise it's the perfect bathing tool.

 - Saturday, October 01, 2011
Awesome Product!!!
Reviewed By:  Katie (Stratford, CT) 
This mitt is awesome. It's a little pricey in comparison to other grooming products but it's well worth it. I love it for bathing as it really helps in getting green spots off my pinto. It did tend to get a bit clogged up with hair once shedding season came around but I threw it in the washer and the dryer (on low) and it came out the same as the day I bought it! I agree with the other poster and wish Jeffers would let you pick the color as I have 3 horses and their grooming supplies are color coded.

 - Thursday, January 27, 2011
Great Multi-Use Grooming Tool
Reviewed By:  Lisa (Ardmore, TN) 
I have used several Epona products and been very pleased. I was excited to see Jeffers beginning to carry the line. I originally purchased one of these mitts from a local tack store, specifically for bathing my QH mare. The material is VERY rough feeling but my mare LOVED the scratchy feeling and it was great for lifting her summer coat and getting her good and clean. I bought a second one and I use it for general summer grooming. It's good for a quick curry and I use it over the entire horse. It's especially good scrubbing out dried sweat marks. I just wish Jeffers would let you pick the color!
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