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Lister Legend Clipper with Wizard 13T Sheep Blade

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Lister Legend Clipper with Wizard 13T Sheep Blade


Extremely powerful rubber-mounted motor (to reduce noise and vibration) with 3100 RPM clipper speed. Weighs less than 2 lbs. Ventilated head with washable air filter to keep blades cool.

Comes with carrying case and wrist lanyard.

13 tooth blade has longer, more widely-spaced teeth ideal for shearing heavily matted fleece.

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WC-LJ Lister Legend with Sheep Blade
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 - Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Lister Legend
Reviewed By:  draft lady (sun prairie, wi) 
I purchased this clipper for use on a mare with advanced Cushing's Syndrome. Although I would love to say my mare is a compliant patient, I would argue far to the contrary, she's a pill spitter, hence the need to shear. Over the course of the past year, I have tried various types and sizes of clippers, Oster A5, Wahl to cut through her very thick dense coat with little to no luck, even with new blades. After having spent in excess of 3 days, hand clipping this mare out of desperation last summer, I broke down and purchased this clipper. It is noisy, but with proper lubrication on start up and regular use of coolant, the noise is tolerable and the mare seemed to agree with me on this point as I was able to clip around her head and ears after 15 minutes of exposure. This clipper, using careful wrist angling, since I have yet to find a blade guide, did a great job of cutting through her very long dense haircoat. If I didn't say it before, I'm a rather petite individual, even if I do work drafts and move my own hay, I'm still small so weight was a definite consideration in making this purchase. After 20 minutes of use, my right wrist and arm were pretty fatigued, the wrist strap really didn't do much to alleviate this strain and I stopped using it about 10 minutes into the job, but in those 20 minutes, I was able to clear a significant amount of dense coat, far greater than I had been able to do using even my A5 with the wide blocking blade. It's also a few pounds lighter and much more manageable than my 40+ year old Oster shearer. I didn't like the on/off switch, which, if the unit was bumped hard enough, the switch would shut off so I'll likely revisit this review after the summer shearing and see if I still feel the same way. Ease of lubrication and cleaning was a big plus from my old Oster as was the relatively cool running temp. of this unit after 20 minute
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