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The Upside-Down Sprayer

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The Upside-Down Sprayer


Works with the bottle held at any angle, even completely upside-down. Larger than the average sprayer, it holds 36 oz of liquid.

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T7-TA Upside-Down Sprayer, 36 oz Each $3.49
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 - Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Best Thing Since Apple Pie
This sprayer is one of the handiest devices ever! We bought 3 a few years back and they have lasted and lasted with use and abuse. We always keep spray bottles on hand for everything from hairdressing, cleaning products, personal hygiene, gardening and, yes, even the horses. We have our own kids, the grand-kids, the neighbor kids, and the neighbors that use, neglect, and test our household/farm tools to the max. Nothing has been so handy or durable as these bottles! And at less than $4.00! Even if the spray bottle could not be used upside down as well as right side up, the quality and convenient size make this bottle a bargain. I have worn out many a spray bottle being a hairdresser plus a Mum that has made her own eco friendly cleaning products for decades.Try these and get spoiled. We plan on buying a bunch more just to have on hand. It is a pleasure to have such a useful well made product in today's market. Thank-you Jeffers!

 - Sunday, September 23, 2012
I can make a better one
Reviewed By:  Kym (California City, CA) 
I bought two of these, one didn't work at all from the beginning. The other works, but the mechanism that lets you use it upside down is no as good as the standard sprayers I modified myself.

 - Sunday, February 06, 2011
Easy to use!
Reviewed By:  KC (Montgomery, Alabama) 
I love this sprayer. It works so well. I was looking for something like this when I first purchased my horse. It was annoying not to be able to work from different angles when I wanted to get a good spray on hard to reach areas. I purchased two of these to use with my Endure spray for summer and my Jeffers tail and mane detangler. They work flawlessly. I don’t have any issue with clogging and even when low liquid it still works as well as if it is full. My only small problem I can have is how big they are! This can be a blessing or a curse. I love that it holds so much liquid, not many do. So it definitely cuts down on having to refill it as often. The downside is, that if you are using it for a while your hand does start to get tired. My way around this is I’ll only fill it half full. However, for lighter quicker jobs, I’ll fill it up all the way and take advantage of how big it is.
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