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Roll Tube Type Oral Calf Feeder

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Roll Tube Type Oral Calf Feeder

Roll tube type oral calf feeder with durable plastic esophageal probe.

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M1-F1 Roll Tube Type Oral Calf Feeder Each $9.95
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 - Thursday, February 20, 2014
Usable, but aggravating
Reviewed By:  blueangel0320 (Sebree, KY) 
I had one of the bag type tube feeders, easy to use, loved it. Then my dog chewed it up. Ended up with one like this. I do not like it! It's super aggravating. There is no shutoff, and the liquid goes into the bottle from the bottom. SO, I end up putting the tube in the calf, pouring half the bottle into this container, screwing it on, letting that go down, unscrewing the container, pouring the rest in, screwing the container back on, letting the rest go down. With the bag I can tube, pour, release the shutoff, wait for the liquid to go down, shut off the line, pull the tube. Plus, this one is REALLY stiff!

 - Saturday, May 04, 2013
It Works
Reviewed By:  D F Saylor (Coldiron, KY) 
I've used one like this for over a year now. It sure gets the fluids down them. Only PROBLEM to me is, the design of the bottle. Who the heck in the product design department said "No it doesn't need a handle" needs to be horse-whipped. When it gets wet with milk replacer, electrolytes & the gel needed to lubricate the tube, it gets more slippery than catfish! I'm keeping mine, but I'm going to order one of the bag type now.

 - Sunday, February 06, 2011
Good value
Reviewed By:  Tracy (Fairfield, Idaho) 
This is an absolute necessity for anyone who has calves. If you have a baby that can't or won't suck, this is how you can get those electrolytes into him without drowning him in the process. The balled end makes sure that you can't get it into the lungs, and insures that even a novice can provide this valuable care.
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