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Farrier's Magic™ Hoof Dressing

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Farrier's Magic™ Hoof Dressing

Moisturizes * Conditions * Softens * Protects

Helps prevent bacterial and fungal conditions in the hoof. Also helps toughen the sole and aids in relieving and preventing bruising. Contains: lanolin, pine tar, deionized water, venice turpentine and cedar oil. Apply to clean, dry hoof, using brush (included) to work into coronary band, clefts or frog, sole and wall of hoof twice a week.

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BJ-M3 Farrier's Magic Hoof Dressing, qt w/applicator
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 - Sunday, February 06, 2011
Reviewed By:  KC (Montgomery, Alabama) 
What a great product! I was looking for something to put on my horses feet to help with drying out and other things. Because she is a large draft (Percheron), she is prone to abscesses. I wanted something that would help deter these issues as well, instead of just a moisturizer. I live in Alabama and those from here know our clay is notorious for sticking to the feet and just sucking out whatever moisture there is. Not to mention the on off rain we get yearly is another problem with keeping your horses feet good. This stuff is great for replenishing and protecting the foot from further loss of moisture. I love this stuff and will be purchasing again. It does look gross and super thick as well but amazingly it glides right on. One last thing is I can put it on the bottom of her foot as well and I really like that!
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