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Poly Neck Chain

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Poly Neck Chain

Safer, easier to handle, lightweight & last longer. 39½" long with 2" x Ύ" links.
Several colors for easy identification.

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow or Green

Item # Description Price Each Qty
C7-D1 Poly Neck Chain 1 - 9
C7-D2 Poly Connecting Link 1 - 9
C7-HA Heavy Duty Connecting Links 1 - 9
C7-HL Heavy Duty Poly Neck Chains 1 - 9

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 - Friday, January 28, 2011
Great goat collars!
Reviewed By:  CMercer (Poplar, WI) 
We love these for our goats. They last a long time under normal use, are easy on the hands and goat's necks, can be cut to fit any animal, colors can be used for identification and best of all they are SAFE! Should a goat get their collar caught on anything the link ( both links of the collar and/or the connecting link) will break and not harm the goat.But they are strong enough for leading/handling and for some animals to be tied up short(on less than a 2ft. lead) temperarly-such as ringside.

 - Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Break Away Collars
Reviewed By:  Tammy (Beavercreek, Or) 
These are great for using as collars for our goats. Used with the Poly Connecting Links, they will break away if the animal gets hung up on something out in the field, but are strong enough to use to handle the animal. We use the smaller size for the kids or dairy goats and the Heavy Duty Poly Neck Chains for the larger Boer does and bucks.
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