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The Original Miracle Collar®

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The Original Miracle Collar®


Unique, adjustable design prevents cribbing by applying pressure to the horse's larynx. Snug, yet comfortable fit allows this collar to be worn under a halter or by itself. Made of russet harness leather, with nickel-plated hardware. Attach longer strap over forehead and shorter strap over back of neck.

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W2-A7 The Original Miracle Collar®, average horse (medium) Each $57.39
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Miracle Collar® Fleece Cover

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 - Tuesday, May 14, 2013
doesn't work
Reviewed By:  Patti Ness (Bark River, Mi) 
Didn't and still doesn't work for my gelding. He cribs with it on. I have tried different ways of adjustment, with and without fleece and still doesn't work for him. And yes, it has caused him to be a bit head and ear "shy" now. I should have saved the $40.

 - Tuesday, May 07, 2013
Didn't last
Reviewed By:  Denise (Freedom, New York) 
It's kind of hard to rate an object that didn't even last a whole weekend. I went down to feed yesterday and the front strap on the off side was ripped off the support. Obviously, it is not made good enough to be worn out in the pasture. Returning to the store later today.

 - Thursday, January 17, 2013
Best to Date
Reviewed By:  BBarror (West Branch, MI) 
Works the best of any I have tried to date. Would try the new Dare product but its pretty pricey so will stick with this as I know it works. Sometimes he tries to crib but I don't think he can actually do it effectively while wearing the collar. I haven't had rub issues and I keep it tight. I do oil the leather and keep it pliable.When this one wears out I will buy another. I have had this one on for 7 years now, outside.
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