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Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots

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Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots

EasyCare, Inc

A fine-tuned version of the original Old Mac, re-engineered for a sleeker look, improved performance, and greater longevity.

Features include:

  • New tread pattern with more aggressive traction
  • Integrated side flaps into the sole that reduces the amount of bulk over the foot
  • added front protective shield that prevents wear at the front of the boot
  • The rear boot is reinforced and integrated into the sole, which strengthens the rear of the boot
  • Eliminates the possibility of fitting on a hoof that is too long
  • Includes a pair of Gaiter™ Wraps
Sold in Pairs.
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
LK-MB Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 0 (pr) Each $149.60
In Stock
LK-MC Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 1 (pr) Each $149.60
In Stock
LK-MD Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 2 (pr) Each $149.60
In Stock
LK-ME Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 3 (pr) Each $149.60
In Stock
LK-MF Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 4 (pr) Each $149.60
Available Date 4/30/2014
Back Order
LK-MG Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 5 (pr) Each $149.60
In Stock
LK-MH Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 6 (pr) Each $149.60
Back Order
LK-MI Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 7 (pr) Each $171.70
In Stock
LK-MJ Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 8 (pr) Each $171.70
Back Order
LK-MK Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 9 (pr) Each $171.70
In Stock
LK-ML Old Mac's G2 Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, sz 10 (pr) Each $171.70
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, May 04, 2011
excellent product
Reviewed By:  Lisa (Pembroke, GA) 
This is a fantastic product. I have used them on two of my trail horses for years with excellent results. We live in Georgia, which is sandy. Whenever we travel to the mountains or other terrain, Old Macs save me having to put on traditional shoes for just a few days. They get good traction on rocks in very rough terrain. They travel through water and mud. On only one occasion have I had to stop and get a tiny pebble out after crossing a river. I have never used the gaiters as they seem unneccesary. The boots work great without them. Highly reccommend!!!

 - Sunday, March 20, 2011
I very like
Reviewed By:  Carole (Quιbec, Canada) 
I use Old Mac's boot for over 4 years. They are very good boot, durable, easy to use. In winter, with spikes, I'm perfectly safe with my horse, when there is ice hidden under snow. Good product and I recommend them to anyone. TREC is my disciple, then I travel several kilometers of trail each year.

 - Thursday, March 03, 2011
Reviewed By:  April (Grand Forks, ND) 
My horse had foundered and they wanted to put shoes on her. My husband and I didn't want to nail something into her hooves that were in poor health. We put her on Biotin 800, had the farrier start trimming her differently, and we bought these boots to use on the days that her feet bothered her. I don't believe these boots are designed for turnout however we would put these boots on her each morning and take them off each night. We always checked for rubs but she never showed any marks from the boots. We used them for several weeks (always removing them each night) until her feet were healthy enough to go bare. Three years later we still have our first pair that we bought her. My mare is 24 and when it is really icey out or the ground is really hard or rocky we use the boots. We do not use them when it is really muddy out or if there is soft snow. We love the boots. My mare loves the boots. The horse will walk a little funny at first but the boots help prevent her from getting stiff because she extends out more when she walks instead of taking tiny steps which cause the muscles to develop unevenly. I'm an equine sports massage therapist and I have notice a huge improvement in her muscles since we started using the boots.
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