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Kaeco Goat Colostrum

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Kaeco Goat Colostrum


Powder: Contains dried colostrum, 5 strains of probiotics, vitamins A, D, B12 and minerals to assist in the replacement of colostrum in deficient goats. 1 tsp in each feeding of milk or milk replacer.
Measuring scoop included.

Oral Gel: Contains a source of 5 probiotics, dried colostrum, vitamins A, D3, E and B12 and trace minerals. Supplies a source of maternal antibodies and protein. Lactobacillus organisms assist in the establishment of beneficial microflora in the newborn goat.

The newborn will also receive a generous supply of highly absorbent, essential vitamins and trace minerals.

Administer 10 mL to newborn goats, sheep or calves as soon as possible after birth. Administer 10 mL on the second day and third day. 1 tube is 3 doses.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
KK-G5 Goat Colostrum Powder, 9 oz jar with scoop Each $9.95
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KK-G6 Goat Colostrum Oral Gel, 30 mL tube Each $5.95
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 - Monday, July 22, 2013
Reviewed By:  Sandy (Hogansville, GA) 
I have used other products for kids, but this is the best. I have 2 very healthy kids that Mom's could not feed. I have lost babies in the past from other products. This stuff is awesome!!!!

 - Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Reviewed By:  DJG (Mt. Pleasant, NC) 
This stuff is a life saver! Gave it to a weak kid who could not nurse and it really helped. Now I give it to all my new born kids.

 - Friday, February 04, 2011
LOVE this product!
Reviewed By:  TC (McMinnville, Oregon) 
I am SO happy that I started using this a few years back. I make sure to always have a tube of it onhand during every kidding season. All of my doe's have been great mom's without any issues, but I always put a tiny pea sized amount of this on the tongue of every kid at birth. My kids are always healthy, active, and bouncing around within an hour of birth. LOVE this product! Highly recommend it to anyone breeding goats!
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