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Jeffers® Puppy Pens

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Jeffersฎ Puppy Pens

Precision Pet Products

Keeps Puppies Safe and Clean!

Whether transporting puppies, safeguarding them at shows, or even protecting your furniture from their sharp little teeth, puppy pens solve many needs.

  • Hygienic Floors - Won't Pinch Paws
  • Folds Flat for Easy Transportation and Storage
  • Adjustable Elevated Floors Keep Away from Dirt & Mess
  • Top and Side Doors for Easy Access
  • Pans Slide Out for Easy Cleaning

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
I5-P3 Puppy Pen, 36"L x 36"W x 30"H (Black)
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Each $136.99
In Stock
I5-P5 Puppy Pen, 48"L x 48"W x 30"H (Black)
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Each $219.00
In Stock
I5-Z1 Plastic Replacement Pan for I5-P1 (order 2 for I5-P3),
36"L x 18"W
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Each $30.78
In Stock
I5-Z2 Plastic Replacement Pan for I5-P2 (36"L x 24"W)
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Each $30.78
Limited quantity available
I5-Z3 Plastic Replacement Pan for I5-P4 (order 2 for I5-P5),
48"L x 24"W
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Each $45.36
In Stock
DK-G1 36"L x 18"W Replacement Wire Floor (order 2 for I5-P3) Each $30.45
In Stock
DK-G5 48"L x 24"W Replacement Wire Floor (order 2 for I5-P5) Each $62.99
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Best investment ever made
Reviewed By:  Linda (Vinemont, AL) 
I have been using the puppy playpens for approx 8 yrs now and there is no better way to raise a litter after they are weaned.Puppies love them and it gets them use to a crate before leaving for their new homes.Customers are very pleased at how well puppies take to crate training.The 36x18 is perfect for new puppy owners who have to be gone several hrs during the day. I recommend this to allot of my customers.The playpen can be used as a crate once the puppy is weaned.Lower the rack and use the gate like you would with any crate.

 - Saturday, February 12, 2011
Great Product
Reviewed By:  Rachel (Milesburg, PA) 
Jeffers puppy pens are the best investment we have ever made for our breeding program. The puppies are placed in the pens after whelping with the jeffers drymate whelping pad that fits on the floor perfectly (with small clamps to ensure mom dont bunch it up with her nesting instinct). When they get a little older we removed the whelping pad when their little paws will not fit through the wire floor. It is very sanitary as they are not stepping in their own feces. Its very easy to pull the pans out to clean. We use jeffers disposable puppy pads to soak up the mess and then simply throw the pads right in the trash. It saves a ton of time with a litter of puppies. It is great for an individual puppy too when you cant be home. We put a puppy pad (with a holder) directly in the pen. This way the puppy learns to go to the pad for housebreaking, but if they make a mistake its an easy cleanup. It is great that you can either get the puppies out from the top (which opens completely) or from the side door. We already have 2 and are ordering a 3rd. They are built to last and are the greatest pen on the market!!!
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