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Corid® Amprolium 9.6% Oral Solution

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Corid® Amprolium 9.6% Oral Solution


To prevent and treat coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in calves.

Administer in drinking water or as a drench.

In drinking water:
Treatment -
add 16 oz per 100 gals of water;
Prevention - add 8 oz per 100 gals of water.

As a drench:
Treatment -
add 3 oz to 1 pt of water, give with a dose syringe at the rate of 1 oz per 100 lbs of body weight;
Prevention - add 1.5 oz to 1 pt of water, give with a dose syringe, 1 oz per 100 lbs body weight.

The strongest option for preventing coccidiosis.

  • Unique flexibility. CORID® is the only product specifically labeled to both prevent and treat bovine coccidiosis (bloody scours) caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in calves.
  • Administration flexibility, too. CORID can be administered in drinking water, or as a drench, to prevent or treat bovine coccidiosis.
  • CORID should be used on a group, pen or herd basis. When one or more calves show clinical signs of coccidiosis, it's likely the rest of the group has been exposed to coccidia and all calves in the group, pen or herd should receive CORID®.
  • Palatable. CORID® is palatable and readily accepted by cattle.
  • Safety. CORID® has been tested at many times the recommended dose levels and has a wide safety margin.
CORID® - Now approved by the USDA for use in natural beef programs, including the USDA Process Verified Never Ever 3 program.

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 - Friday, December 09, 2011
Couldn't live w/o it
Reviewed By:  Cariboujaguar (Bellingham, WA) 
Lost a lot of baby goats to cocci before I found this product and included it in my kid-management. Thank you Jeffers for making it easy!
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