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PYthon® MagnuM™ Ear Tags

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PYthon® MagnuM™ Ear Tags


Contains 10% Zetacypermethrin and 20% Piperonyl Butoxide to control most strains of horn flies and to aid in the control of face, stable and house flies. A 15.2 gm tag that contains 62% more active ingredient than the PYthon™ Tag.

Tags are synergized for maximum effectiveness and remain effective against pyrethroid-susceptible stains on horn flies for up to 5 months. For use on beef and lactating dairy cattle.

Do not use on calves under 3 months of age. No withdrawal. Use 1 tag per head for optimum control. Blue. Apply with a Y-Tex tagger.

Rotate Warrior™ (Y2-A3) tags with PYthon® Magnum™ tags to get better fly control and stop resistance problems.

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Y2-PC PYthon® MagnuM™ Ear Tags, pkg of 20 Each $37.95
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 - Saturday, February 11, 2012
1st class
Reviewed By:  M. J. Farms (Pitkin,, La.) 
2010 I used 1 Ear tag pear Cow's, Caves, Bull's got 5 moth's out of th Ear tag's it stoped all the fly's from being around my live stock.
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