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Probiocin Pet Gel

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Probiocin Pet Gel

Vets Plus

Live microbiotic gel with strains or Lactobacilli that help establish a balanced intestinal microbial flora in dogs, cats and birds of all ages. Administer orally or on food.

Newborn pups and kittens:
1/2 g at birth, day 4 and 7 and at weaning.
Post-weaning and older up to 10 months: 1 g.
Over 10 lb: 1 g for each additional 10 lb prior to or following periods of adverse conditions such as antibiotic therapy, grooming, worming, training, shows and pre/post-parturition. Repeat in 3 days.

1/4 g (the size of a small pea) when clipping wings, beaks and nails, pairing up breeding birds and adults when feeding new babies.
Syringe is marked for accurate dosage.

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