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PetsPrefer™ Adult Maintenance Plus

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PetsPrefer™ Adult Maintenance Plus

Specially for dogs requiring extra nutritional support, such as working, hunting, or active older dogs.

Contains 50% more vitamin C, natural vitamin E and vitamin D3, compared to the regular Adult Maintenance formula. Biotin and vitamin K are also included.

PetsPrefer™ supplements are the only pet supplements available that combine both the highest-quality herbal and natural ingredients with a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals. They can be fed as treats or crumbled and mixed with food.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
VP-A1 PetsPrefer™ Adult Maintenance Plus, 60 tabs Each $7.69
In Stock
VP-A2 PetsPrefer™ Adult Maintenance Plus, 180 tabs Each $16.99
In Stock

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