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Petrodex® Dental Care Kit

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Petrodex® Dental Care Kit


The toothpaste helps clean teeth & fight bad breath, while the bristle toothbrush helps remove plaque and food debris. Finger brush massages the gums.

Kit includes:
2.5 oz Poultry-flavored Toothpaste
Dual-ended Toothbrush
Finger Toothbrush.

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F6-A9 Petrodex® Dental Care Kit Each $5.99
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 - Monday, February 07, 2011
Great kit
Reviewed By:  Jen (Puyallup, WA) 
Really great kit at a fantastic price. The small finger brush is great to get started with. Once your dog is used to that you can move onto the brush. There are some areas of my dog's teeth I still use the finger brush for. Toothpaste lasts forever! Halfway through a tube over two years.

 - Friday, February 04, 2011
I love the smaller end
Reviewed By:  Tammy (Bedford, In) 
I have used this toothbrush style for many years for two different sizes of dogs. The smaller end of the brush is great for the Chihuahua and the bigger brush for my bigger dogs. The finger brush is great for dogs that have a harder time with the brushing part. The flavor is great for the dogs and they love to try and eat it!!! Keep brushing the pearly whites!!

 - Sunday, January 30, 2011
great kit
Reviewed By:  Leah H (Ridgecrest, CA) 
This dental kit was a great price (cheaper than other stores in my town) and a great price for what you get. The toothpaste smells like beef of some sort and my dogs love it. Some of the toothpaste actually has a bit of mint, but this one does not and I got better results with this kit than the others I tried, once I realized the mint was what was scaring my dogs away. I started brushing my dogs teeth when they were puppies (starting out with the little red finger brush because it is soft and gelly-like and easier on the gums). When my dogs got older, I started using the regular toothbrush, and its nice because it has 2 different sized heads. So I can use the big toothbrush end for the back molars and the smaller end for the smaller teeth in the front. Also nice if you have two different sized dogs you can use the different ends without having to buy two sets. My dogs tried biting this toothbrush at times and it is made of a very hard and resilient plastic so no worries about your dog biting through it after a few minutes.
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