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Pet Zoom Pet Park

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Pet Zoom Pet Park

Pet Zoom Pet Park is perfect for use indoors or on porches and patios.

Portable three-piece relief system is easy to clean; just wash with soapy water.

Provides a designated area for your pet to urinate indoors when outdoors is out of the question.

Ideal for house breaking/training your dog. Perfect for times when you're coming home too late to let your pet out or when the weather is bad. Great for older dogs that are unable to go outside.

Pet Park will hold an entire gallon of liquid.
25" x 20"

Item # Description Price Each Qty
AAF-P3 PetZoom Pet Park Each $29.99
Available Date 4/28/2014
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 - Sunday, June 03, 2012
Great item!
Reviewed By:  Jen (Tucson, AZ) 
Awesome product - dog uses and it is way easy to clean. Turf replacement pads should be sold though!

 - Monday, March 12, 2012
Clean & Pretty!
Reviewed By:  Darri (Fullerton, CA) 
This is great!. We normally put puppy pads on our deck for our 4 year old malti-poo to use, but they would fly away and look unsightly. So now we use this and just put the pads under neath the fake grass in the tray. Poop cleans up real easy off the grass as well. I would recommend just using pads under the grass rather then rinsing it out each time which seems like a hassle. You can leave one pad in there for several day until it's completely used up, cause you don't have to see the pad. Although I use it outside. I imagine if you used it indoors you would want to change the pad more because of the smell. I am thinking of getting a second one for inside the house. My dog is used to peeing on pads or outside and she took to this all on her own!

 - Thursday, November 03, 2011
Replacement grass
Reviewed By:  Donna (Georgetown, Florida) 
I also cannot rave enough about the Pet Park; however, I do wish I could find replacement grass as it does take a while for the grass to dry after being washed.
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