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PediPaws™ The Incredible Pet Nail Trimmer™

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PediPaws™ The Incredible Pet Nail Trimmer™

Won't crack, splinter or break nails

Revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat.

The protective cap allows for gentle and safe operation leaving nails rounded and smooth. Won't crack, splinter or break nails. Filings are retained in the cap so there's no mess.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
AAF-AA PediPaws™ Incredible Nail Trimmer™ Each $9.95
In Stock
AAF-AB PediPaws™ Replacement Heads (12 pk) Each $8.99 $5.49
In Stock

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 - Thursday, April 11, 2013
Not so bad
Reviewed By:  Jay (Denver, CO) 
I found that I took the orange cap off and skipped using it at all. If you're careful you can use it without that. I only try to sand my dos's nails one paw at a time and skip a day. Don't hold the nail on the sandpaper too long or too hard cause it heats up and the dog will freak. And don't try to sand against the nail; just let it rest with the rotating sandpaper underneath and use little strokes. This is also good for your own toenails if you're older and have a hard time trimming them or can't reach them.

 - Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Dont waste your money
Reviewed By:  BARRY (Didsbury, Alberta,Canada) 
the only reason i gave this unit one star is that i couldnt post this unless i gave it one star.That being said I bought one of these trimmers and was totally not impressed.They are very under powered and if and if you want a bang for your buck,buy a dremel

 - Monday, July 25, 2011
have one, retired it
Reviewed By:  Bells'a Mommy (corpus christi, tx) 
good product but i found that with larger dogs it takes forever to use. i have a apbt (pitbull) an she let me use it on her. the price here is awsome wish i had gotten mine here insted of a superstore. i did find another one that i like more its called gentle paws. its more like what a groomer would use an its much faster an u have more control.
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