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Original PoochPads™ Reusable Floor Protection Pads

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Original PoochPads™ Reusable Floor Protection Pads

Reusable and washable! Odor-controlling protective pads for housebreaking puppies, home-alone dogs and mature dogs with "accident problems". Quickly absorbs 4 times its weight without soaking through protecting carpets and floors. Contains Microfine antimicrobial fibers. Guaranteed for over 300 washes.

Original Pooch Pads™ - quickly absorbs 4 times its weight without soaking through. Great for puppies and home-alone dogs.

Small: 17" x 23"
Medium: 20" x 27"
Large: 30" x 32"

Item # Description Price Each Qty
PP-P1 Original PoochPads™, Small (2 pk) Each $19.99
In Stock
PP-P2 Original PoochPads™, Medium (2 pk) Each $24.99
In Stock
PP-P3 Original PoochPads™, Large (2 pk) Each $34.99
Available Date 4/25/2014
Back Order
PP-P4 Original PoochPads™, Small (each) Each $10.99
In Stock
PP-P5 Original PoochPads™, Medium (each) Each $13.99
In Stock
PP-P6 Original PoochPads™, Large (each) Each $19.99
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Works for a large sensitive kitty
Reviewed By:  zz (houston, tx) 
Works for my cat! 5+yrs now. One of my cats stopped using the litter boxes. He's healthy, and the vet thought he may not feel comfortable in even a large litter box. Put down one on the floor next to an "accident". He love it. It eventually moved to beside the litter boxes. Have to put a fold on one side so he centers himself. They get washed two-three at a time on delicate. Since my dryer ages them quickly, they are hung to dry. The pads have lasted for a least 2yrs with a total of 6 being available. While it means more laundry, it is so much better than litter and the messes.

 - Sunday, May 13, 2012
Perfect for the Puppies
Reviewed By:  Tammy L. (Miramar Beach, FL) 
I bought these pads for my 2 yorkie puppies and they have worked wonderful. The breeder that we got the puppies from recommended them and we are pleased. They wash up nicely but need to be dried on medium heat. My puppies are 12 weeks old and used them well. I would recommend them.

 - Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Long Lasting
Reviewed By:  Lois (Sarasota, Florida) 
I have used these with 3 and 7 lb pups for 5 years now. We use them in a three sided litter box to eliminate any leak through that may occur. One pup is a male so we clip the ends of the pads up the side so it works for him too. I change the pads daily and this works great for these mostly inside pups. The only reason they are not a 5 star is the leakage. I do not put them in the dryer and they have lasted for years. I wipe down the litter box daily with a Clorox wipe and we are scent free! I suggest the litter box with the access opening for these pads or a metal tray underneath, simple enough to do.
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