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Omega Kid and Goat Care

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Omega Kid and Goat Care

Omega Fields

Maintain strong immune system, strong solid hooves, a shiny, healthy coat and digestive stability for total health for goats in all life stages. Boosts and balances goat diets. Helps meeting the needs for growth, milk production, reproduction and show appearance. Supports feed utilization and optimal digestions. Proper calcium to phosphorus ratio to help urinary calculi and for proper skeletal growth.

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OME-A7 Omega Kid and Goat Care, 15 lbs
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Each $45.95
Available Date 5/6/2014
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 - Saturday, February 09, 2013
Does not have the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio
Reviewed By:  Krystal (Eugene, OR) 
This product says it has the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio to help urinary calculi, but when I looked at the levels on the manufacturer's website it is 1:1 calcium to phosphorus which is not correct for goats. They should have 2:1 ratio to help prevent urinary calculi. This product would probably be fine for does, but I would not give it to bucks or wethers due to the improper calcium to phosphorus ratio & the high protein content (excess protein can also contribute to calculi formation).
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