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Omega Dog™

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Omega Dog™

Animal Naturals, Inc.

Safe, Smart Omega-3

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Mercury Free
  • 100% Delicious

Pure, extra virgin, unrefined, cold pressed Camelina Sataiva oil. Safe, mercury-free source of Omega 3.

Related to flax, Camelina has a higher vitamin E content and stays fresher longer than flax or fish. Reduces blood "sludge"; makes platelets more "slippery" so they glide past each other-less likely to clog and thicken. Reduces inflammation, benefiting joint, heart and brain health. Provides essential fatty acids for a glossier coat and healthier skin.

Two squirts delivers 800 mg.

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OG-A1 OmegaDog™, 31 oz. Each $26.99
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