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Nylon Alpaca Halters

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Nylon Alpaca Halters

5/8" wide nylon criss-cross halters provide extra control.
Brass-plated hardware.

Colors: Red, Raspberry, Blue or Purple

Sizes: Baby, Average or Large

Item # Description Price Each Qty
W2-35 Nylon Alpaca Halters - Large Each $12.89
W2-62 Nylon Alpaca Halters - Average Each $11.69
W2-66 Nylon Alpaca Halters - Baby Each $10.89

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 - Monday, June 10, 2013
Good Halters-IF you know how to put on & adjust!
Reviewed By:  Inti Alpacas (Central, New Hampshire) 
As alpaca breeders, exhbitors, and shearers since 2004, we find the figure 8/ criss-cross halters very useful, as they adjust quickly to a wide range of head sizes & shapes. *ANY halter not correctly fitted & adjusted can be dangerous.* All alpaca (and llama) halters MUST be adjusted with the noseband high on face, quite close to the eye. Here the noseband is on solid bone, not soft cartilage. A halter fitted too low on the muzzle will press on the soft cartilage, collapsing the airway, causing the animal to panic (any style halter, stiff nylon or flexible, not fitted properly can do this!). THE KEY to using figure 8/ criss-cross alpacas successfully: pull the noseband area of the halter OPEN as far as it will go; THEN place the noseband over the muzzle of the animal and PULL it up until the noseband is just in front of the eye (as shown in the Jeffers photo); then buckle the crownpiece - make sure it is snug enough to keep the noseband from slipping down toward the nostrils!!! (As with any alpaca halter.) If you can't get it tight enough to do that, the halter is too large for that alpaca. (*If the halter is just pulled onto the alpaca's head from the top w/out first opening the noseband area, it will tighten low on the muzzle near the nostrils, pressing on the soft cartilage - not good!*) While we prefer another brand of figure 8 halter, but these work well if put on right!

 - Monday, May 14, 2012
Absolutely the most dangerous halters I have ever seen made for alpacas.. I have been raising alpacas for over 10 years and I was thrilled when Jeffers finally started to carry halters.. Until I ordered one.. They are light weight collapsible mylon.. A NO NO for alpacas.. When forward motion is applied the halters collapse on the nose basically squishing it.. Thus cutting off all air supply (as alpacas breathe through their noses) - These halters should be REMOVED FROM THE MARKET and replaced with the standard for alpacas which is a FIXED RING HARD NON COLLAPSIBLE NYLON... These Halters pose a danger to your animals beware and leave no animal unattended with these halters on!

 - Saturday, August 13, 2011
Awesome halters!
Reviewed By:  Bethany (Branford, Florida) 
I raise cattle that are all under 42" and I found that the cattle halters didn't fit! The calves heads were too small. So I bought two of these and they were perfect! I've had my two for two or three years and they still haven't given out, and I'm about to use one again, my heifer is going to calve soon. :)
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