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No Thrush

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No Thrush

Four Oaks Farm Ventures, Inc.

First ever dry equine thrush treatment. Natural, fast, easy and clean. Attacks bacteria and eliminates the moisture when it hides. Also use for rain rot, scratches and fungus.

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FOF-N1 No Thrush, 2.5 oz Each $13.95
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FOF-N2 No Thrush, 5.5 oz Each $24.95
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 - Sunday, August 12, 2012
The Best
Reviewed By:  Paintlvr (Clarinda, Iowa) 
A must for thrush! Bought a horse with the Worst case of thrush I've ever seen. Tried all the other "proven" remedies, but just didn't get him healed up. 24 hours after No Thrush I could see unbelievable progress, am using it daily. The frog is healing and he is not showing any soreness. The great thing is it is so easy and not messy to use!

 - Thursday, November 10, 2011
great product
Reviewed By:  tmj (College Corner, Ohio) 
To follow up on my previous review: During the dry spell this Summer I used Thrush Off as I felt it would stick better. But the purple stuff will stain your jeans. I believe No Thrush works better and it's easy to dust off your clothes.

 - Saturday, October 29, 2011
Reviewed By:  Track2Trail (Fort Myers, FL) 
I'm extremely impressed with No Thrush. I have tried probably every thrush remedy on the market. Most contain formaldehyde and iodine, which kill good cells as well as bad and are questionable carcinogens. I'd used "the purple stuff" previously, and my gelding in particular would spend many hours laying down and groaning. Ever since I started using No Thrush, I don't catch him laying down anymore and his feet are in much, much better shape. We've had an unseasonably wet summer and fall. In late August, my vet took xrays and told me that if we couldn't arrest all the bad stuff going on in his feet, I'd have to put my gelding down in fairly short order. Something had to change--and fast. Within a week of using No Thrush (2x day), I could see a dramatic improvement. Not only was he starting to land on his heels a lot more, he was trotting around. A few days later, he was running. The best advice I can give is not to bother with the small bottle; go straight for the big one. Get yourself a very stiff wire brush and a new hoof pick, and clean those feet 1x or 2x a day and apply No Thrush.
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