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Micro-Max Micronutrients for You

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Micro-Max Micronutrients for You


The original formula of broad-spectrum micronutrient supplement for people.

Totally derived from selected strains of sea kelp.

Contains at least 58 elements (including such "exotic" trace minerals as germanium) and their associated micronutrient compounds in a naturally chelated and biologically active form.

Take 1 capsule daily.

MICRO-MAX is a concentrated, all-natural broad spectrum micronutrient supplement created with SOURCE - in just the right size for humans.

  • it is not a drug
  • not an overnight miracle
  • not a substitute for a good diet
  • and it will not change a poor lifestyle into a good one

a growing number of people have discovered that the single change of adding MICRO MAX to their daily diet has had a profound, beneficial effect.

MICRO-MAX is sold in 100 day supply sizes and is backed by SOURCE's money back guarantee.

MICRO-MAX capsules are 100% free of any animal products.

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 - Wednesday, January 01, 2014
brittle thin nails gone
Reviewed By:  yolanda (Addison, al) 
just finished my first bottle and its amazing how my fingernails look. you can actually see the ridge where the nail after taking this is much thicker. i never had my fingernails grow long enough for the white to show before and now i have to clip them...1st time ever.. love this product. not just for my horse anymore!

 - Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Best kept secret
Reviewed By:  Cherie C (Pittsburgh, PA) 
Like the previous reviewer I had been using Source on my horses for quite a few years. Source Sr kept my senior horse going strong enjoying trail rides and in good weight well into his 35th year. Source Original has been a great aid in my Mare's overall excellent health. So I decided hey why not try it on myself. I had ready a lot of the information ont the manufacturers website about the theory behind using this as a nutritional aid and had read that many people reported that their allergies disappeared but didn't put much stock in that. Well I usually have very severe spring allergies. I began taking Micro Max in January 2009. That spring I suddenly reaized about mid June that I had not yet had a sinus headache or any sign of allergies. They were gone. That fall my usual fall allergy issues failed to appear as well. I have been allergy free now for two years. To me Source Micro max is a miracle. :)

 - Monday, November 15, 2010
Micro-Max Fan
Reviewed By:  Sheila W. (Whitehouse, TX) 
Micro-Max is the only supplement that I feel 100% positive about reviewing. I started taking Micro-Max over 20 years ago with the hope that my finger nails would grow in stronger (After all, Source had worked wonders on my mares hooves). To my complete surprise, the first benefit was actually a complete alleviation of my severe PMS symptoms! After about three months of taking Micro-Max I noticed about a 50% decrease in the size of the large fibroids I had due to cystic breast disease. This was something my doctor insisted would never happen. My nails did get stronger along with my hair. I found that I was no longer struggeling to make it through the work day without wanting to fall asleep at my desk. There have been occassions over the years when I have stopped taking Micro-Max for one reason or another. Each time I notice all the old symptoms start to return. I've learned my lesson and as long as Micro-Max is around, I'll be a Micro-Max fan.
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