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Lean Dog™

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Lean Dog™

Animal Naturals, Inc.

Like humans, dogs are getting fatter and just cutting calories can be ineffective. Lean Dog™ is scientifically-designed to "reset" your dog's body back to a healthy, ideal weight. Lean Dog™ helps your dog reclaim the heritage of a healthy weight in 5 ways:

  1. "Second Meal" Effect: Proteins, peptides and natural precursors in Lean Dog™ safely promote the body's own "feel full" hormone, CCK. Elevated CCK curbs hunger.
  2. Break Fat-Inflammation Cycle: Antioxidants, plant sterols and flaonoids help suppress the release of inflammatory chemicals, called cytokines, by fat cells.
  3. Stimulate Fat Burning: L-Arginine, R-alpha, Lipoic acid and MCTs stimulate fat-burning brown adipose tissue.
  4. Keep Muscle, Lose Fat: Aminos L-Citrulline and L-Leucine promote "anabolic signaling": chemical messengers that help protect muscle while fat is lost.
  5. Support Joints: A full 275 mg glucosamine plus MSM are included for joint support.

Daily Feeding Instructions
0 - 10 lbs¼ scoop
11 - 25 lbs½ scoop
25+ lbs1 scoop per 25 lbs

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OG-L1 Lean Dog™, 1 lb Each $24.99
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