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Kid's Choice Total™ Colostrum Replacer

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Kid's Choice Total™ Colostrum Replacer

Saskatoon Colostrum Co.

Colostrum replacer for kid goats.
Contains 23% colostral fat and provides 4.4 g of globulin proteins per kg of body weight per feeding to maintain body temperature, build immunity and prevent infection.

Use to supplement or replace doe colostrum.

Especially effective to prevent the spread of diseases including CAE, Johne's disease or caseous lymphadenitis, that can be transferred through infected colostrum.

The Natural Choice
No blood serum. No cheese, whey or eggs.No artificial ingredients. Made only from all natural real bovine colostrum.

700 g tub provides up to 20 kid feedings.

* For Animal Use Only

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AGI-K1 Kid's Choice Total™, 700 g Each $36.95
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 - Friday, August 30, 2013
Saved the trouble of heat treating colostrum!
Reviewed By:  BluMoon Oberhaslis (Birnamwood, WI) 
We used this rather than trying to heat treat colostrum to maintain our CAE preventive measures. We had no problems with digestive upsets or switching to milk replacer. Great product!

 - Wednesday, March 02, 2011
Awesome for puppies!
Reviewed By:  Sherri Wilson (Youngstown, Florida) 
This stuff is the best to feed puppies! I feed this to my weaning puppies from 4 weeks to 8 weeks . I use the chart for kids LBs and estimate the total weight of the puppies. I have found this dedefinately adds to my pups good health!Thanks:)

 - Sunday, January 30, 2011
If you need it..
Reviewed By:  Queenacres (Longview, Texas) 
I used this product last year and prefer it over any other colostrum replacer I've used. My kids didn't scour while on it. It is also great to their milk for that extra boost during stressful times.
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