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K9 Young at Heart™

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K9 Young at Heart™

Animal Naturals, Inc.

Longevity and Anti-Aging Supplement

K9 Young at Heart™ has the highest human grade ingredients. Reverses muscle loss, boosts metabolism, strengthens joints and resistance. Hydrates older canine bodies, optimizing cellular water balance. Enhanced digestion and absorption with partially predigested calories and pre and probiotics.

  • Supports Mental Function
  • Supports Eye Health
  • Enhances Digestion
  • Strengthens Joints
  • Hydrates Body
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Reverses Muscle Loss
  • Helps Support Heart Function

Daily Feeding Instructions
1 scoop = 4 tbsp
0 - 24 lbs½ scoop
25 - 49 lbs1 scoop
50 - 74 lbs2 scoops
75+ lbs3 scoops

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
OG-K9 K9 Young at Heart™, 1 lb Each $22.99
In Stock
OG-KA K9 Young at Heart™, 3.6 lb Each $50.99
In Stock
OG-KB K9 Young at Heart™, 7 lb Each $74.99
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 - Saturday, May 04, 2013
AWESOME Results!!!
Reviewed By:  Kristin (Millbrook, Alabama) 
On a whim I decided to try this on my 8 year old Min Pin. She has heart disease and was losing weight, laying around and lost her "spark." I started Young at Heart in February and now it is May. She has gained weight, become more energetic and is back to her crazy self. Although I know it doesn't cure her illness, it definitely helps her. AND she loves it! I mix it with some milk, warm it a little and add some maple syrup for flavor...she asks for it every night. I would recommend this to anyone that needed to help their older dog regain their quality of life.

 - Sunday, December 02, 2012
Reviewed By:  Pattie M (Kettle Falls, WA) 
Animal Naturals makes some of the best dog & cat products on the market. I have been buying them for many years for my cats & dogs. Visable results fast & the animals love the stuff. Also quality I can always depend on. Always fast s/h & great service from Jeffers too. Healthy happy dogs & cats = very few vet bills!

 - Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Reviewed By:  Rebecca (Fort Gibson, OK) 
I bought this product for my 13 year old Husky. Huskies are pretty much puppies their whole life so seeing him go from energetic to just laying around was pretty sad. After just a few days of giving him YaH he went back to being his normal self with bright eyes again. I mix it in water to make it a mush and he LOVES it. He knows what is coming when he sees me with the bowl and gets all excited. This will be a product I use with all of my dogs as they get older...
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