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Jungle Kitty - Young at Heart™

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Jungle Kitty - Young at Heart™

Animal Naturals, Inc.

All-Natural Feline Life Extension Formula to help your cat live better, longer. The ability to digest protein declines with age leading to muscle-wasting which makes cats old before their time. The digestive enzymes plus new ultra-digestible protein maximizes utilization of L-Taurine and other key amino acids to support muscle status. Powerful antioxidants (including SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine)) helps promote renal health. Full range of probiotics to support bowel and urinary tract health. Omega 3 fatty acids help to prevent cancer and cataracts and maintain healthy joints, skin and coat.

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OG-JA Jungle Kitty - Young at Heart™, 9.6 oz Each $23.99
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 - Thursday, January 31, 2013
Cat with Feline leukemia
Reviewed By:  Sissy (Lake Lillian, Minnesota) 
My out door cat was diagnosed with feline leukemia 2 years ago in March. Whe was going to be 7 at the time. She lost a lot of weignt, couldn't breathe through her nose, therefore she wasn't eating. I gave her some antibiotics and kept her in my basement for 3 weeks. At first I had to dialute her canned food and give it to her with a syringe until she could eat on her own. I had a vaporizer tent for her running all night every night for those 3 weeks. She is very healthy and living outside today. I give her meow mix pate canned food with 11% protein- 1/2 of the container in the morning mixed with a 1/2 scoop of jungle kitty and nutri source cat & kitten formula dry food-because of the high protein content. She gets the same every morning and night except in the morning she gets the jungle kitty. She has done very well this winter, even in the cold. I believe the high protien diet and the jungle kitty are helping her immune system tremendously. I highly recommend it!

 - Saturday, May 19, 2012
Great for my Senior
Reviewed By:  FrenchieMomma (Plains, PA) 
My senior DSH has multiple health issues which affects her ability to extract nutrition from her food. While I won't say this has "cured" anything, I will say I feel really good about boosting her current diet with this product. I definitely feel it contributes to her quality of life which is my primary concern right now.

 - Thursday, March 29, 2012
Amazing Kitty
Reviewed By:  TT HB,CALIF (Huntington beach, California) 
I feed a neighhood feral tomcat and he's apprx. 12 years old. Prior to using this product he was thin , no hair on his tail, runny eyes and dull coat. Within weeks he gained weight has a bushy tail and clear eyes. The neighbors can't believe it's the same cat. When I ran out of the product he rapidly went back to his prior condition. My only suggestion is that it could be in a larger amount so that it lasts longer and perhaps a less expensive price. It is truly an amazing product! I highly recommend it!
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