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Jolly Mega Ball™

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Jolly Mega Ball™

Horsemen's Pride, Inc.

Designed to be extra durable for horses of all sizes. Features anti-burst design that can withstand up to 2500 lbs of pressure. Comes with foot pump for inflating and instructions.

Sizes: 25" (Red), 30" (Blue), 40" (Green)

Please remove white pin and inflate ball to the specified height. Not inflating to specified height will hinder the strength of the ball. Also, balls should not be used with more than one horse, unless supervised. The Mega Balls can withstand most normal play with one horse, but can not always handle “double the trouble.” Please use in an environment that is clear of exposed nails or any other objects that might puncture the ball during horseplay.

See video for instructions on use, with and without cover (no sound).

Item # Description Price Each Qty
H7-MA Jolly Mega Ball™, Red (25") Each $19.95
In Stock
H7-MB Jolly Mega Ball™, Blue (30") Each $24.95
In Stock
H7-MC Jolly Mega Ball™, Green (40") Each $41.95
In Stock

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 - Saturday, May 25, 2013
No Durability
Reviewed By:  DJL (Thousand Oaks, CA) 
We bought this in February of this year. We also bought the cover for it. It is stored inside when not in use. We inflated it to instructions, measuring it as well (in instructions) A small YEARLING colt broke it while playing. I certainly expected it to last longer then three months. Definitely not built to last. For the price, and the price of the cover to make it "last longer"one would expect greater durability. Very disappointed. Horses love it but who can buy a new ball every three months?

 - Friday, May 24, 2013
Jolly good fun
Reviewed By:  Anna (Granby, NY) 
Used the 40" ball for about a year without any problems. After a year however it started to deflate and then our yearling draft stud tore a hole in it playing. We will probably get another.

 - Thursday, October 18, 2012
flat ball
Reviewed By:  Cecelia Clark (Ft. Pierce, Florida) 
One use (and it was a lot of fun) and the ball went flat after I brought it into the house. Wouldn't hold air. Company sent a part to fix in envelope without enuf postage. The fix didn't work. What a pain. Will use my own exercise ball.
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