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Jeffers® Pelham Bit

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Jeffers® Pelham Bit

Features a larger ring directly connected to the mouthpiece onto which 'snaffle reins' attach, and shanks that extend down terminating in rings on which the 'curb rings' attach. Because the Pelham bit has leverage action a curb chain or strap loops under the horse's chin to prevent the bit from rotating too far and also providing another pressure point. Activating the curb rein puts pressure on the bars of the mouth, chin, poll and if there is a port, the roof of the mouth.

Cheek: 4"

Mouth Thickness: 16 mm

Mouth Size: 5"

Item # Description Price Each Qty
A8-E5 Pelham Bit Each $29.99
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 - Thursday, May 03, 2012
Really good bit!
Reviewed By:  Craig Schaper (Minnetrista, Minnesota) 
This bit worked really well. my horse doesn't respond to a O-ring snaffle and he used to do only western pleasure so with the little shank it works really well. The copper makes the horse chew on the bit which is good. The price was fair and told many friends about it. thanks jeffer's
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