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Jeffers®  Flat Leather  Collars & Leashes

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Jeffers® Flat Leather Collars & Leashes

Supple leather with solid brass hardware. Chestnut color.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
8M-02 Jeffers® Flat Collars, 5/8" X 9" Each $3.69
In Stock
8M-03 Jeffers® Flat Collars 5/8" X 11" Each $3.69
In Stock
8M-04 Jeffers® Flat Collars, 3/4" X 13" Each $4.09
In Stock
8M-05 Jeffers® Flat Collars, 3/4" X 15" Each $4.09
In Stock
8M-06 Jeffers® Flat Collars, 1" X 17" Each $4.29
In Stock
8M-07 Jeffers® Flat Collars, 1" X 19" Each $4.29
In Stock
8M-08 Jeffers® Flat Collars, 1" X 21" Each $4.49
In Stock
8M-0A Jeffers® Flat Collars, 1 1/4" x 23" Each $5.09
In Stock
8M-0B Jeffers® Flat Collars, 1 1/4" X 25" Each $5.09
In Stock
8M-0C Jeffers® Flat Collars, 1 1/4" X 27" Each $5.99
In Stock
8M-0D Jeffers® Flat Leashes, 5/8" x 6' Each $6.99
In Stock
8M-0E Jeffers® Flat Leashes, 3/4" x 6' Each $7.99
In Stock
8M-0F Jeffers® Flat Leashes, 1" x 6' Each $7.99
In Stock
8M-0G Jeffers® Flat Leashes, 1 1/4 x 6' Each $8.99
In Stock

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 - Tuesday, December 03, 2013
1" wide 6' Leash
Reviewed By:  Dove (Gulf Breeze, FL ) 
The 6' leash is very high quality for the price and works well for my 90 lb German Shepherd who recently broke some older thinner leather leashes. The soft leather beats anything synthetic for walking a dog. In hindsight, I may have gotten a thinner one to fit my hand better, and a tip: the wider the leather, the wider and heavier the quality brass snap that might bump your dog if it hangs. (Sometimes the snap "sticks," but I think it's because we got sand in it at the beach.) The leather is much better quality and thickness than some horse reins I've owned!

 - Saturday, October 19, 2013
Cheap quality
Reviewed By:  Sandy (Salt Lake City, UT) 
I ordered 2 of these collars for my dogs and within the first week the rivets that hold the collar together by the half circle metal piece popped out. So now the metal piece does not stay in place making for a very sloppy collar. Don't waste your money.

 - Sunday, September 08, 2013
You get what you pay for
Reviewed By:  Kristin (Buchanan, VA) 
I ordered a one inch collar and leash. I was happy with what I received, super fast to ship and item as described. But... My dog has had the collar on less then a week, and the rivets that go on either side of the "D" ring, have come apart. Nice quality Leather, and I love the leash, just not impressed with the workmanship done on the collar.
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