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Jeffers® Bungee Cross Ties & Trailer Ties

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Jeffers® Bungee Cross Ties & Trailer Ties

JeffersEquine (Imported)

Trailer Tie: Same as Cross Tie except 30" long.

Cross Tie: Approximately 5' bungee cross tie with panic snap on one end and bull snap on the other. White with black stripes.

Made in China

Item # Description Price Each Qty
AH-B1 Jeffers® Bungee Trailer Tie, 30" Each $8.99
In Stock
AH-L1 Jeffers® Bungee Cross Tie, 5' Each $10.95
In Stock

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 - Saturday, April 27, 2013
Reviewed By:  Gita (n/a, n/a) 
Have a couple of these in blue. I actually use the to tie horse to a fence post. They are great as they are easier on the horse if the pull back and work well for greener horses to learn to stand tied. They are holding up well. I don't like the snaps all that much though. The quick release has opened up once when my horse pulled at just the right angle. Don't really like the bull snap either. I add a double snap on the end for easier on and off of the halter. I much prefer these bungee ropes to the type that have only a short section that stretches.

 - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Will buy again...
Reviewed By:  KL (Kansas, KS) 
We use the trailer ties in our trailer and like them, they give enuf slack the horses stay relaxed, dont feel trapped. Advantages: provides slack when they need some yet retracts to prevent slack to get tangled in. They last well too, no fraying or elastic wearing out. Will keep using, good product.
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