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HomeAgain® Permanent Identification and Lost Pet Recovery System

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HomeAgain® Permanent Identification and Lost Pet Recovery System

MicroChip Technology

Foolproof ID, record keeping and verification system.

The national recovery network database is managed by the American Kennel Club. Gives added protection from theft and fraud. Increase value and security for your litter. The unique ID numbers are encoded in the microchip.

About the size of a grain of rice, pet microchips contain a radio transmitter, an antenna and a computer chip that is read by a scanner, allowing animal control, vets, or shelters to obtain owners' information in the event a pet gets lost.

NOTE: After the HomeAgain® microchip is implanted, it is IMPERATIVE that the Enrollment Form be filled out and mailed or faxed to HomeAgain Recovery Database. Companion Animal Recovery is available with live agents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Have questions? Call them anytime at 1-866-738-4324.

The HomeAgain® Pocket Reader® scanner by Digital Angel® Corp. comes with 4 AAA alkaline batteries, 1 test microchip and an operator's manual. The Universal Worldscan™ handheld scanner reads all frequencies (134 kHz, 128 kHz, and 125 kHz chips).

The HomeAgain® microchip will not help your pet if it is not registered.

Cost of registration and annual membership fees are not included in purchase prices. Any questions regarding registration fees or membership should be addressed to the toll free number above.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
SH-H6 HomeAgain® Microchip w/ Injector (15 Digit) 1 - 4
5 - 11
In Stock
SH-H2 HomeAgain® Scanner Each $299.00
In Stock
F2-HA HomeAgain® Computer Cable for Scanner Each $39.95
Limited quantity available

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 - Sunday, October 20, 2013
Use for Mini Llama ID
Reviewed By:  Farmer Jon (Gibsonville, NC) 
We use these microchips for our miniature llamas. Great for ID use on Health Certificates when taking them out-of-state for shows or when sold to an out-of-state owner. The microchip number is a permanent ID number on our miniature llamas registration with the ILR (International Llama Registry) and AMLA (American Miniature Llama Association).

 - Saturday, August 17, 2013
Best value
Reviewed By:  Lisa (Canton, OH ) 
These chips are awesome. If the dog is or will be AKC reg., you can submit the chip number for their program, covering the dog for a one time, lifetime fee, and the owner is covered for the life of the dog. A great price on a great product, thanks to Jeffers for offering the product!

 - Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Well worth it
Reviewed By:  Mhand82 (Shelby, North Carolina ) 
My puppy was lost for only a few hours when I got a phone call from the local shelter that he had been found. He had lost his collar and ID tag in his journey but this allowed me to bring him home. Well worth the money and homeagain enrollment fee. Even if the shelter had not contacted me, I received an email from Homeagain 10 mins later. It is a small price to pay to make sure your pet is not lost forever.
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