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Holt Training Head Collar

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Holt Training Head Collar

Teaches your dog to obey using the principle that a dog's body will follow where his head leads him. More humane than other training collars and leads.
Measure around mid-point of snout.
  • Size 2: 7-8" (Springers, Cockers)
  • Size 3: 8-10" (Boxers, Dobermans)
  • Size 4: 10-11.75" (Rottweillers, Danes)

Black only.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
C2-K1 Holt Training Head Collar, size 2 Each $10.95
Available Date 4/28/2014
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C2-K2 Holt Training Head Collar, size 3 Each $10.95
In Stock
C2-K3 Holt Training Head Collar, size 4 Each $10.95
In Stock

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 - Friday, November 30, 2012
Works great!!!
Reviewed By:  Corie (Hyde park, NY) 
I breed boxers and this produce works great.It does keep the boxer from pulling but you do need a few days of training them on it 1st.

 - Sunday, December 12, 2010
Simply the Best
Reviewed By:  Cynthia (Danville, VA) 
This were first recommended to me when I had an Irish Wolfhound rescue who was perfect on leash until he saw a cat. I was no match for 170# of excited torque and this worked like a dream. Flash fwd several years to my extremely stubborn, frustrating 80# Gold Ret mix. After Sporn halter, Sporn head halter, & persistent training, I am right back to the Head Halti. Simply the most effective I've found.
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