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GroGel Plus-B

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GroGel Plus-B

A hatchling supplement for day-old poultry.

Comes as a dry powder to mix with water forming a bright shiny green, bite-sized gel that attracts the attention of all poultry species. Provides hydration and concentrated nutrients along with beneficial bacteria that helps hatchlings get off to a good start.

A 100 dose packet will treat 100 chickens or turkeys, 150-200 pheasants or 350-400 quail.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
MCH-G1 GroGel™ Plus-B, 100 dose pkt Each $3.95
In Stock
MCH-G2 GroGel™ Plus-B, 2000 dose pkt Each $19.95
In Stock
MCH-G3 GroGel™ Plus-B, 5000 dose pkt Each $46.95
In Stock
MCH-G4 GroGel™ Plus-B, 10000 dose pkt Each $89.95
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Reviewed By:  Deborah Hope (Talladega, AL) 
I fed this to my newly hatched chicks and it was a great help to get them started. I order it every year. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

 - Sunday, January 20, 2013
Gets them started right
Reviewed By:  LeAnn (Mandan, ND) 
I have guinea hens who hatch small batches of keets (10-18) periodically throughout the summer. I take just a few crystals and moisten them to get those small batches off to a great start.

 - Monday, July 16, 2012
Great headstart for your chicks!
Reviewed By:  Hector A (Mecca, CA) 
Originally Reviewed - Friday, January 28, 2011 --- This is a great product to help your chicks get to a good start, it really perks them up, which is really essential specially when you have your chickens mailed to you! Strongly reccommended, its the bes $3 you will spend on your chicks!
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