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Good Behavior™ Calming Pheromone Collar

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Good Behavior™ Calming Pheromone Collar

Sentry (Sergeant's Pet Care)

Mimics the pheromone that the mother cat produces to calm and assure her kittens. A convenient alternative to pheromone diffusers - the collar goes where your cat goes! Recommended for Separation Anxiety, Excessive Meowing, Destructive Behavior, and Inappropriate Marking.
Breakaway collar.
Lavender Chamomile Fragrance

For cats and kittens - Up to 15" Neck.

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O8-S5 Good Behavior™ Calming Pheromone Collar Each $9.99
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 - Friday, August 09, 2013
Yeah! No More PEE!
Reviewed By:  Julie Hemphill-Miller (Napa, Calif.) 
WOW, It works Great! My 4 yr old "Munchkin" Cat Started peeing in random spot out of the blue? Anything Plastic she Pees on. The other day she walked up and Peed right next to MY RECLINER WHERE I ALWAYS SIT!Because she's a MUNCHKIN , She's way too Tiny(3 lbs)to kick her butt out side.(Although, It did cross my mind...) So, I went to the Local Pet Store where a employee told me about "GENRTY" Calming/Pheromone Collars. I have Never heard of them.I purchased one and got it home and put it on her right away. A N D.... SHE LOVES IT!!WOW! So far she seems to be a Changed Kitty! Has not Peed on anything...YET!?! It's been about 3 Weeks! Also it has a Wonderful Smell(Lavender & Chamomile). It cost is about the same as any Flea Collar and it looks exactly like one. They last about 1 month & costs aprox.$9-ish. I'm Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be cure. Time will tell. I would recommend it to anyone with a Cat that seems a little off. That's In need of some Calming. It's worth a try before your Kitty gets the Boot! Thank you, I hope this has Helped. Julie from Napa Valley, Calif.

 - Sunday, January 27, 2013
Works Immediately
Reviewed By:  Jennifer (Norcross, GA) 
I thought about buying the plug in, but reconsidered because it made more sense to put the pheromone on the cat so it could go with it where ever it may travel in the house. My cat isn't relaxed about much of anything, so when he started spraying just because we put up a Christmas tree something had to change. It helped him immediately! I have not found a single new marking. I worry less when I move furniture or bring in a box from a delivery, he doesn't see the need to mark any new or moved objects any more.

 - Saturday, September 08, 2012
Works great
Reviewed By:  Cindy (Minneapolis, MN) 
A friend of mine gave me one of these collars to try on one of our cats who started marking all over in our house. We put it on him and there was a noticeable change right away. We have been going on 3 weeks now, and I have only had to clean up 2 or 3 times since he started wearing it. This is a major improvement as I was cleaning multiple spots daily before. I would highly recommend these collars.
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