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Goats Prefer™ Calcium Drench

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Goats Prefer™ Calcium Drench

Vets Plus Inc.

Use on every goat before kidding. Provides 3.75 gm of calcium plus Propylene Glycol and B-vitamins to maintain normal calcium levels and appetite following kidding. Administer orally, 1 oz (30 mL) at first sign of kidding and repeat after kidding.

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VP-G3 Goats Prefer™ Calcium Drench, 8 oz Each $5.99
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 - Thursday, February 20, 2014
Fastest Calcium Supplement
Reviewed By:  Gateway Girls (Chester, VA) 
Been raising goats for about 10 years now and this is the easiest way to get good calcium into my "ladies" pre and post kidding. I agree with the other reviewers, they HATE the taste straight out of the bottle, but the benefits outweigh the nasty ... My secret is to make a full drench cocktail for the girls, serve it twice a day (1/2 dose in a.m., other half at night), and follow up with a lot of loving (brushing, petty, scratching and horse cookies!). I mix 1 oz Calcium Drench with 3 - 6 oz Power Punch or Red Cell, 3 - 6 oz Powerade (NOT sugar free, and mine prefer blue), and 1 - 2 oz Molasses. We mix well, make sure we have a pocket full of apple horse cookies, hold their heads up (I do it by myself with no problem), make sure the drench tube (metal) goes back behind their back teeth and past the crest of their tongue so there is minimum "tasting" and followup slinging and slobbering. Once they get over the first head shake (not like you get if you only drench with Calcium by itself), I offer them a cookie and they've already forgotten about the drench. Catch, hold and repeat. Secret is remembering that the benefit outweighs the negatives! Our little buck, Rusty, gets so jealous of the attention his girls are getting that he will actually lick the drench gun end to get some! Good luck, everyone - and Happy Goats!

 - Sunday, March 17, 2013
Also YUCK!
Reviewed By:  Donna (Sacramento, CA) 
I agree with the other reviewers. Our goats violently refuse to take this also.

 - Thursday, January 24, 2013
Reviewed By:  Barb Adams (Barnum, Minnesota) 
YUK! is what my doe said when i tried to drench her with this calcium supplement. it's more concentrated, so i thought i could use less. even in such small amounts they HATE it! i'm going back to CMPK.
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