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Full Monty Western All Purpose Saddle Pad

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Full Monty Western All Purpose Saddle Pad


For the bigger saddle, the heftier rider, or the more robust ride. This Total Comfort System Saddle Pad is 2" longer and has memory foam twice as thick as the western all purpose saddle pad. A result of popular demand, Full Monty has been developed to provide extra shock absorption and additional cushioning. Riders will still feel their horse's movement through the close contact pad cut away, but will now enjoy the additional protection of double memory thickness throughout the saddle bar contact with the horse.

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8Z-F1 Full Monty Western All Purpose Saddle Pad, 32" x 32" Each $219.95
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 - Friday, December 07, 2012
I love mine
Reviewed By:  Laurie (Coos Bay, OR) 
I really like mine, I don't have any problem with it moving... it's great protection for my horse and not to thick like most others.

 - Thursday, August 02, 2012
Reviewed By:  Taylor (Youngstown, FLORIDA) 
After only an hour of riding, this pad is all over the place! Will not stay put. I don't even use it anymore because of the trouble it causes.

 - Thursday, July 12, 2012
Not so sure
Reviewed By:  Paul Konsdorf (Modesto, Ca) 
My horses work hard. We either gather cattle all day in mountain canyons or trail ride for 30 miles a day. So I purchased what looked to be the best to protect my horse. The pad works very well, if I could only keep it under my saddle. I cannot ride more than 5 miles when the pad works it way out from underneath the saddle; either off the right side or the back. Re-saddle, less than 5 miles and resaddle again. I have tried this pad with different blankets as well as by itself. Less than 5 miles, resaddle!
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