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Focus WT Powder

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Focus WT Powder


Weight Gain & Maintenance Under Stress

Certain horses need more than good feed management and parasite control to gain weight.

Focus WT provides a broad spectrum of nutrients to optimize the efficient metabolism of food with digestive enzymes and beneficial microbes to improve digestibility.

Mix 1.5 oz (1 scoop) per day per 1000lb horse per feed. Scoop included.

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SR-FF Focus WT Powder, 3.5 lb
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Each $21.45
Available Date 4/28/2014
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 - Sunday, April 03, 2011
Save Money on Feed
Reviewed By:  Susan T (Lanham , Maryland) 
This is my second order of 25 lbs of Source for weight gain. I have several horses and only one was thin and he was the dominant horse. He ate a lot, no worms, no illness. He looked lightly ribby all the time. I was worried about his heading into the winter thin so I got Source for weight gain in the fall. I could not really see his body that well because of the blankets but when I finally pulled off his blankets - he looked like a different horse. He had filled in beautifully and he was eating less. I was able to cut his equine senior feed in half. I am very impressed with Source for weight gain.
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