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Foal Colostrum Oral Gel

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Foal Colostrum Oral Gel


30 mL Tube = 3 doses

Provides concentrated colostrum, probiotics, selenium, vitamins and nutrients essential to the health of newborn foals, older foals and weanlings.

    Guaranteed per 10 mL dose:
  • 2 mg of concentrated colostrum
  • 500 mcg Selenium
  • 50,000 IU Vitamin A
  • 10,000 IU Vitamin D
  • 50 IU Vitamin E
  • 100 mcg Vitamin B12
  • 2 billion cfu's of microbials

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KK-F2 Foal Colostrum Oral Gel, 3 dose tube Each $12.49
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 - Monday, February 27, 2012
Clydesdale Foaling Success
Reviewed By:  Shelby Zarobinski (La Porte, Indiana) 
I suggest anyone who is expecting a foal to get this product. My mare finally foaled after being a week late and I missed the foaling by about half an hour the first thing I did was administer a dose of paste and milked the mare and fed the foal. After about 30 minutes of being outside the foal was up and stumbling around, shortly after, he started nursing and is doing excellent. He was given a 2nd dose at 12 hours old. Of all of the Clyde foals I have had, this has been the smoothest foaling yet!!! Clydes are difficult in general and tend to have foaling problems, i.e. not nursing... I have 2 more mares left to foal and you can bet they will be given this Colostrum Paste!!!!

 - Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Great product !!
Reviewed By:  Chaser Man (Lincoln, Nebraska) 
I used this product on two new foals that I had. Gave it orally right after they hit the ground. Both babies were up and sucking within 15-20 minutes. Both foals were extremely healthy and made me a believer in this product. I love the 2 grams of colostrum, plus probiotics, in each dose and it gives me 3 doses per tube. I will always keep some handy. Great piece of mind for only $4.00 a dose!
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