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Fly Free Zone Collars and Leg Bands

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Fly Free Zone Collars and Leg Bands

Fly Free Zone, Inc.

100% Made in USA

Fly repellent collars and leg bands create an actual "Fly Free" zone several inches from the horse's face, neck, and legs, and protects horses from biting and disease transmitting flies, gnats, and mosquitoes.

Long lasting, hassle free and featuring the latest, all-natural formula. No Harmful Chemicals.

Made in USA

36" collar or 4-pack of leg bands (each sold separately).

Item # Description Price Each Qty
FK-F2 Fly Free Zone Horse Collar, 36" Each $12.95
In Stock
FK-F3 Fly Free Zone Horse Leg Bands, 4 pack Each $17.99
In Stock

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 - Friday, July 15, 2011
Collar works! Don't buy Leg Bands!
Reviewed By:  Ramona (Montgomery, AL) 
The collar worked well last summer on my mare. Thought I would try the leg bands as well for this summer. In 2 weeks the leg bands rubbed hair off and in a couple of places was starting to rub her raw. They are supposed to last a couple of months. They might keep the bugs off but I can't have her being hurt while it does. Buy the collar and use Swat or spray under their tummy and down their legs.

 - Monday, June 13, 2011
Not satisfied
Reviewed By:  Felipe (Crawfordville, Florida) 
These citronella based collars and leg bands work for a few days while the citronella is strong. After a couple of weeks the flies were actually walking on them or under them. The idea is good but my experience was not satisfactory because my expectation was that these expensive items would last at least a couple of months.

 - Thursday, February 03, 2011
Got to have these
Reviewed By:  Kim (Simpsonville, S.C.) 
This is great I buy them for my horse's at the being of summer and they last 3 months just long enough. The bright color helps to find them when pasture mates take them off . A little duck tape keeps them on. They keep fly's off.
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