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Feline Greenies®

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Feline Greenies®

S&M NuTec, Ltd

Greenies® aren't just for dogs anymore!

Feline Greenies® is scientifically formulated and clinically proven to mechanically reduce tartar buildup that can cause bad breath. As a treat between meals, Feline Greenies® work like a little toothbrush to scrub your cat's teeth. Feline Greenies is naturally preserved and have a taste your cat will love!

Flavors: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon or Ocean Fish

Item # Description Price Each Qty
2P-F1 Feline Greenies, 2.5 oz packs Each $2.49
2P-FF Feline Greenies, 5.5 oz packs 1 - 2

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 - Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Best cat treat!
Reviewed By:  Julia (Boston, MA) 
These are the BEST cat treats! I adopted a feral cat 5 years ago from a placement shelter. No one could get near this cat and she was very standoffish. I had adopted her anyway as a mouser for my barn. The staff at the adoption agencies told me to use wet food to win her over. That didn’t work. I started adding a few greenies to her kibble and soon she was coming around when she heard me outside, then she would jump up on the counter to eat some greenies I set out and soon enough she was eating greenies from my hand! She will never be a house cat, but now she is a friendly girl who likes attention and still comes running when she hears the greenies bag! I have tried all sorts of other brands and knock offs, but she turns up her nose, she only wants the real thing! This is a good price for them as well, and they are worth it!

 - Sunday, February 06, 2011
pearly whites
Reviewed By:  krissy (carriere, MS) 
My cat know when I have this bag out! She loves the taste and they are very crunchy. I know they are helping clean her teeth.
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