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EquiVision Lubricating Eye Drops

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EquiVision Lubricating Eye Drops

Developed and formulated by veterinarians, ophthalmologists and scientists to help alleviate incipient cataracts, immature cataracts (when a tapetal reflection is still visible). Nuclear sclerosis and dry eye syndrome. Dissolves the glycated proteins in the eye lens. Adds new proteins in the lens to promote and help maintain transparency. Provides a high level of lubrication to instantly relieve the dryness, burning and irritation of dry eyes.

Apply 2-3 drops in the affected eye or eyes, 2-3 times daily, for a minimum of 45 days.

3-pk of 24 mL tubes

Only for use on horses.

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5W-P3 EquiVision Lubricating Eye Drops, 3-pk Each $189.00
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