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Equine Hydro-T™

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Equine Hydro-T™

Hydro-therapeutic massage nozzle connects to the end of a hose, providing pulsating water for equine therapy for sore joints, tendons and muscles. Equine therapy is a must for both performance and pleasure horses. It provides non-painful therapy to open wounds to enhance healing. Hydro-T™ is a must for treating injuries or bathing equine athletes.

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HYD-AA Equine Hydro-T™ Each $24.95
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 - Friday, September 13, 2013
Reviewed By:  Kat (Cleveland, Ohio) 
This is my go to sprayer for giving baths. the water that come out sort of alternates, so its not a constant stream out of each hole, but a rhythmic stream. My barn has had ours for about 2 years now, the black part that controls the flow of water has just now started to not work so well, but that's okay cuz its removable/replaceable! considering that other sprayers only last about a month, maybe two at my barn, this one is a GEM

 - Wednesday, January 16, 2013
a must have!
Reviewed By:  tg (Oracle, Arizona) 
if you have horses, you have to have this. sooner or later the will get hurt. i bought one of these a few years ago from a vet, and it it works like magic to get swelling and heat out of a leg. the horses even seem to enjoy it. it also helps with sore backs, edema, and allergy/hive reactions.
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