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The Equine Executive Fly Mask

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The Equine Executive Fly Mask

Impressionable Design

Provides full-face protection including throat and latch area, without ears.

Made with high-quality, durable netting, double and triple stitched seams utilizing heavy-duty nylon thread and trimmed with polyester nylon webbing for strength and durability. Braided around the ears with soft cotton material to prevent hair loss caused by rubbing. Easily adjustable with Velcroฎ fastener.

Simply hose off to clean, shavings won't stick and dirt falls off.

Colors May Vary.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
J8-H2 The Equine Executive Fly Mask,
Medium (sm arabian & yearling)
Each $9.95
Available Date 5/1/2014
Back Order
J8-H3 The Equine Executive Fly Mask,
Large (horse & arabian)
Each $9.95
Available Date 5/1/2014
Back Order
J8-H4 The Equine Executive Fly Mask,
X-large (draft horse)
Each $10.95
In Stock

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 - Sunday, June 17, 2012
poorly constructed
Reviewed By:  deb (kelseyville, ca) 
I ordered 5of these and put them on the horses. I noticed immediately that the velcro strips were thin and poorly attached. The horses had them ripped off in less than 24 hours with the velcro strips ripped off and lost. Don't bother

 - Friday, August 12, 2011
Sturdy and Lasts long
Reviewed By:  Taylor Lauren (Enterprise, AL) 
Okay when i got this mask i was not to thrilled with how they looked, i am just going to be honest. what i did like though is the cost of them...they are a resonable price . i have a barn with lots of young horses that think it is a game to take fly masks off and destroy them. i have probably gone through lots of $$$ over the years buying all the top fly masks that last a day in my herd. I started buying these 2 years or so ago. They have lasted through the constant ripping off the horses and tossing back in forth in the pasture. The material is real heavy duty and does not tear. For up keep all i do is either hose them off or just put in the washing machine. They will always be a must in my barn. Thank you Jeffers for your amazing products and such amazing customer SERVICE! You ROCK!!!

 - Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Dont recommend
Reviewed By:  stacey (applegate, ca) 
I just purchased two of these masks [horse size] and they are huge [warmblood size]they are also very stiff and looks like it would rub and cause irritation around the eyes. I personaaly am going to stick with supermask and the crusader mask.
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