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Easyboot® Trail

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Easyboot® Trail

EasyCare, Inc.

Designed specifically for the pleasure and trail rider. Easy to apply, this boot requires no strength or force. Closure system keeps boots secure even in the toughest of trail conditions. Ideal to carry as a replacement for lost shoe.

Easyboot Trail also doubles as a therapy boot, helping horses recover from abscesses, hoof injuries, founder, navicular disease, punctures and sole bruises. Sole shape is slightly longer than wide allowing a broader range of horses to wear the boots comfortably and securely.

Sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10

Sold individually.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
LK-F0 Easyboot® Trail, 0 Each $52.70
In Stock
LK-F1 Easyboot® Trail, 1 Each $52.70
Available Date 5/16/2014
Back Order
LK-F2 Easyboot® Trail, 2 Each $52.70
In Stock
LK-F3 Easyboot® Trail, 3 Each $52.70
In Stock
LK-F4 Easyboot® Trail, 4 Each $52.70
In Stock
LK-F5 Easyboot® Trail, 5 Each $52.70
In Stock
LK-F6 Easyboot® Trail, 6 Each $52.70
In Stock
LK-F7 Easyboot® Trail, 7 Each $66.30
In Stock
LK-F8 Easyboot® Trail, 8 Each $66.30
In Stock
LK-F9 Easyboot® Trail, 9 Each $66.30
In Stock
LK-FA Easyboot® Trail, 10 Each $66.30
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Excellent boots
Reviewed By:  Steve Shulte (Truesdale, Indiana) 
Boots have held up great through water and mud as well as on pavement and gravel. Very happy!

 - Saturday, August 24, 2013
Easy Trail Boots
Reviewed By:  Patricia B (Seale, Alabama) 
At first I was ecstatic about how easy and how well the Easy Boot Trail boots were. But after only about 8 times using them the back support fell apart. I only used them when I would be riding mostly on paved rides or moderately rocky trails on my rides are never longer then a couple of hours. So I was very disappointed that they didn't last. Am now looking at other brands to found a more secure boot

 - Wednesday, October 17, 2012
amazing boots
Reviewed By:  pamela c (wilkes, nc) 
these boots are amazing....i rescued a horse that had bad hooves and couldnt hold shoes well. after much vet. care and 6 months of healing abscesses,thin hoof walls,some founder,i put these boots on all 4 hooves INSTANTLY this horse was pain free...thinking that this boot couldnt be that good when i took them off he was tender footed as for my works instantly an it only took 5 mins or so for him to adjust walking in them.after many yrs of neglect and pain...this horse now has new life...spunky happy pain free...he loves his boots and i love our rides together too....thanks to jeffers equine for this product
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