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Easyboot® Rx

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Easyboot® Rx

EasyCare, Inc

The Easyboot Rx is just the prescription for horses requiring a therapy boot that offers stability & support without being heavy or clunky. It provides support & relief for horses suffering from chronic lameness, laminitis, founder, navicular & other lower limb/hoof problems.

The Rx is an excellent choice for those horses that simply have difficulty standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. The boot can be used to speed recovery & offer protection after surgery or injury, lessen fatigue & add protection during trailering as well as offer a safeguard in the breeding shed.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
LK-CA Easyboot® Rx, size 00 Sold individually Each $61.20
In Stock
LK-CB Easyboot® Rx, size 0 Sold individually Each $61.20
In Stock
LK-CC Easyboot® Rx, size 1 Sold individually Each $61.20
In Stock
LK-CD Easyboot® Rx, size 2 Sold individually Each $61.20
In Stock
LK-CE Easyboot® Rx, size 3 Sold individually Each $61.20
In Stock
LK-CF Easyboot® Rx, size 4 Sold individually Each $70.55
In Stock

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 - Friday, July 27, 2012
Best Therapy boots
Reviewed By:  Pat W (Silver City, New Mexico) 
I can't say enough good about these boots. I too, like Crissy, have a foundered Paso Fino. I do my own barefoot trims and rehab. Her first pair of boots lasted well over a year, and she had to wear them daily. The second pair hasn't lasted as long, but am ordering my third pair. The second pair went on a laminitic Paso. These horses would not have been able to live as "natural" a life as I can give them, without these boots. And I have tried other boots, with no success. Thanks EasyCare and Jeffers for having them at such a reasonable price.

 - Wednesday, July 11, 2012
not for mouthy horse
Reviewed By:  August (Daphne, AL) 
Bought this for my 4 year old Tb after he had an abscess. I needed it to heal, and for the hoof to grow out some to be able to put a new shoe back on. After only 2 weeks of normal nighttime turn out only he totally ruined the boot. First he started pulling at the velcro straps and it ripped under neath them, so I put a bellboot over it to stop any more damage. He was still able to get to it a little and I finally had to duct tape it under the velcro. Then he somehow ripped the lining away from the bottom on the front of the boot and it is no longer unusable. Now i still need to find something to help protect his hoof while it grows out. Having to wait 4 more weeks for more growth after already waiting 8 weeks. I want to ride!!

 - Monday, July 02, 2012
Love these Boots!!!
Reviewed By:  Nina Bellinger (Amsterdam, NY) 
These boots saved my horse. She had laminitis two years and has issues off n on with her hooves. This time it was a deep crack in the bottom of the hoof. We had another horse with similar crack last year that took 2 months to grow out and she was tender the entire time. Bella (horse) had been about 2 weeks into this crack when the boots arrived. One minute she was walking very timid and limping, and wouldn't leave the 6" of bedding in her stall. Once the boots went on, she walked a few feet and then was heading out of her stall with a spring in her step and no limping. AMAZING! She's trotting and moving now like there's no crack!!! Highly recommend!!!
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