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Easy Fill Drinker

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Easy Fill Drinker

Harris Farms

The all-new 6.25 Gallon Easy Fill allows for filling and refilling from the top. Thanks to an under-mounted float, the easy fill drinker can be filled simply by removing the lid and adding water from the top.

Just add water and your flock will sing your praises.

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HAF-H3 Easy Fill Drinker, 6.25 gallon
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 - Sunday, August 26, 2012
The best!
Reviewed By:  Charlotte (Blackfoot, Id) 
This is the best way to water I have found. it never gets dirty inside, cleanup is a breeze. I wish I had found it sooner.

 - Saturday, May 05, 2012
Stupid Human
Reviewed By:  BAE (Carleton, MI - Michigan) 
I received the waterer and was excited to put it to use. Alas I had to go back to this site and read the review with detailed instructions. I had success! As for the winter issue I have a separate heated waterer that I use. While reading the other review about being stumped on freezing I suggest a fish tank heater. Maybe that would work.

 - Wednesday, May 02, 2012
easy fill
Reviewed By:  Dar Phillips (Franktown, CO) 
I bought this 4H waterer just because I hate flipping the smaller waterers and unscrewing the bottom off and on. With the hose nearby I simply lift the lid and fill it up. The only problem that I had was the water freezing in the winter. I suspended a birdbath heater with a thermocube in the bucket near the bottom. The water in the bucket did not freeze; however, the portal and trough still froze. I asked the people that I bought it from if I could use a metal stand heater to place the bucket on but they thought that it would melt the bucket. Apparently, it is only used for metal waterers. So, I tried to wrap indoor/outdoor track lighting around the bottom. It did help somewhat ( unless it dropped below freezing for more than 2 days.) I kept it in an outside covered feeding station as the coupe was too small to fit. I love the waterer in the summertime, so easy to clean and fill with the hose and it holds 5 gallons. It saved a lot of time. Does anyone have a solution for the winter?
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