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Cleanser for dirty, waxy ears. Effective and painless. Quickly dissolves ear wax and dirt. Bubbles it up and out the ear canal. Contains peroxide for cleaning and glycerine to prevent drying tissue. No probing of the ear canal is necessary.

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T6-E2 Earoxide™, 4 oz. Each $5.99
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 - Friday, December 27, 2013
Amazing Results!
Reviewed By:  Jill (Port St Lucie, FL) 
I just used Earoxide on my 6 year old bunny. His case was so bad he could not hold his ear up or walk straight any longer. We had given up, having tried all these internet suggested home remedies with oils with no lasting results. My friend reccommended Earoxide. It’s for dogs but worked like magic! We just pulled 3 very large plugs out of his ear canals made up of all the mite crap and debris. Absolutely disgusting! He can now hold his ears upright! We will re-treat in a few days so as not to over stress him! Earoxide works great, forget all these home rememdies, they are a waste of time.

 - Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Reviewed By:  Cris (Atlanta, Ga) 
I was very disappointed with this. I didn't see anything bubble up, and it just made their hair an oily mess.

 - Friday, September 07, 2012
Good cleaner, antiseptic
Reviewed By:  mlark (Colleyville, Tx) 
This is great for cleaning ears. The glycerine keeps it in contact, soaks dirt loose. Peroxide is antiseptic and helps combat yeast. No alcohol so it doesn't feel too cold in ear. Shake well. Be ready for flapping ears and clean outer ear with kleenex.
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